Pearly Queen
  • Pearly Queen

    Colour: PURPLE

    New handmade design.


    Vivid purple faux velvet headband embellished with all over pearl design.


    Wether dressing up your hair or your outfit, keep it simple and elegant.

    • Materials

      Faux Pearls, Faux Velvet

    • Tags

      #designsbyalexyi #handmadeheadband #bridalheadband #pearlheadband #statementheadband #statementheadpiece #pinkheadband #handmadeheadpiece

    • Caring for your Designs

      Handle and use with care when wearing in your hair, keep safely packed away when there is no one to stare. 

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    Spitalfields market

    4/8/2022, 7:04:35 AM

    Fabulous headbands

    I was looking for a wedding headband, found one so did my friend.

    I recommend this product.

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