Little Man T-shirt
  • Little Man T-shirt


    Office geeks in a classic T-shirt form.

    The kisses are permanent, the ties and dickie bows are detachable, have fun when deciding which one to use and match it to the right occasion.

    My kids and baby range Brouhaha are a small selection of handmade and hand finished designs, making fashion fun and interactive for the little people in our lives.

    Lovingly made, playful and fun.

    One-off designs to keep each piece as unique as your little ones.

    Always use with care and please be aware of any small pieces while being worn.

    Gentle wash only, inside out and on a low temperature cycle.

    (I wanted to make elements of these designs to last longer and continue to be used long after they grow out and stop wearing them)

    • Materials

      Satin Dickie Bow, Satin Bow, Satin Tie, Satin, White Cotton, 100 percent cotton, Cotton

    • Size

      2-3 UK kids'

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    Spitalfields market

    4/8/2022, 7:04:35 AM

    Fabulous headbands

    I was looking for a wedding headband, found one so did my friend.

    I recommend this product.

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